Freemasons in Leicester are open for business and looking for new members to join Granite Lodge. Exciting opportunities have arisen for anyone wishing to expand their friendship and social circles in a Masonic Lodge.

The Lodge has been planning its future. During the pandemic, Freemasonry was forced to pause, giving ample time for planning. By returning to business this year, the Lodge is looking for new members.

Firstly, Granite Lodge meet on the first Monday of the month, October through to May. With a waiting list already building, now is the right time to apply. Just follow this link. Alternatively, if you just want more information, please get in touch.

By joining the Leicester Freemasons, new members can expect to enjoy membership, for instance through integrity, respect, friendship, and charity.

One of the oldest Masonic Lodges in Leicester, Granite Lodge began life in 1884, the same year as Leicester City FC. In 1984 the Masonic Lodge celebrated one hundred years, in 2034 the 150 year celerations will begin.

Leicester Freemasons meet on London Road in the city. In conclusion, being part of this history is one of the benefits of membership.

Leicester Freemasons meeting at the Masonic Lodge for Leicestershire masons.
The Square and Compass of Freemasonry