Members of the Lodge attended Freemasons’ Hall on Saturday 14th March to assist with the Side Orders Breakfast. Freemasons were shown the intricacies of the Rose Croix and Red Cross of Constantine Orders.

The White Ribbon Club is Leicestershire & Rutland’s club for newer Royal Arch Masons. They teamed up with the Light Blue Club to invite interested members to a presentation. The presentation was of the Royal Arch, Rose Croix and Red Cross of Constantine Orders.

The morning was very well attended. Over twenty-five interested brethren took their seats for an interesting and informal presentation of the Orders. First at the podium was Richard Barnett, to welcome everyone to Freemasons’ Hall Leicester. He proceeded to introduce the main speakers to the audience.

Ancient & Accepted Rite

The head of the Ancient & Accepted Rite Rose Croix, Inspector General Henry Kukiewicz then took the stage. He gave an excellent account of the Rose Croix degree, from where the Order originated from, to how to join. Volunteers helped Henry display the different types of regalia. This included past and present regalia worn in the Order.

Side Orders Breakfast Freemaasons Hall Leicester

Red Cross of Constantine

Next to the podium was the Head of the Red Cross of Constantine, Intendent General John Manby. John gave a detailed description of the founding of the Order, its structure and place within Freemasonry. The audeince helped out to demonstrate the regalia of the Order and its significance. As a result, the audince better understood the Order.

The audience then asked questions, which showed a keen interest from for more information.

Because of the interest, the Provincial Grand Master, Peter Kinder, took to the stage. The Deputy Grand Superintendent of Royal Arch Masons, Paul Wallace also took questions.

Afterwards, everyone adjourned to the dining room to enjoy a full English breakfast, where the conversations continued until lunchtime.

The Chairman of the WRC and organiser Samuel Harris thanked all of the speakers for giving up their time.